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Who Knew on German Tour to Promote Debut Album "Bits and pieces of a major spectacle"

Who Knew on Bits and pieces of a major spectacle Tour 2009
The Icelandic six piece indie power pop band Who Knew is mixing some tightly written and sung lyrics, with obvious vocal influences from Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hand's Say Yeah and other similarly face-paced falsetto-voiced indie bands, they leapt aboutin a manner reminiscent of an early performance by The Libertines. The sound is best described as an enthralling mix of American west coast rock, new wave and a dash of sixties-psycedelic.
Who Knew sounds tight, tuneful, energetic and that's now hearable on their Debut Album "Bits and pieces of a major spectacle" or live to see at one of their concerts.
Tourdates in Germany:
28. August @ 20:00 @ BerlinPrivatclub
29. August @ 19:45 @ BremenViertelfest
29. August @ 1:00 @ Bremen - Tower Musikclub
31. August @ 21:00 @ DresdenSocietaetstheater
1. September @ 22:00 @ HannoverCafé Glocksee
2. September @ 21:30 @ Leipzig - Moritzbastei
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