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Norðrið Update: Kira Kira, GusGus, Klive & Oculus in September & October

Klive, Oculus, GusGus & Kira Kira @ Norðrið (Icelandic Music Project in Germany)
Klive and Oculus join Kira Kira and Gus Gus on their tours in September & October 2009 as starting acts.
Klive and his band will accompany solo artist Kira Kira next month. Klive is the stage name of musician Úlfur Hansson who released his first album "Sweaty Psalms" last year. Klive was named “Brightest Hope” @ the last Iceland Music Awards.

Oculus will play before electric trio Gus Gus’s concerts in Germany in October. Oculus is the stage name of musician Friðfinnur Sigurðsson, who has made a name for himself in the world of dance music and he has released eight EP albums.
Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir, managing director of Iceland Music Export (IMX), which supervises Norðrið, stated in a press release that the project has proven successful. “Nearly 100 articles about Nordrid appeared in the German media in the first part of the year and now MTV has expressed interest in making a television program here [in Iceland] in relation to the project” Hildibrandsdóttir said.
Seven tours will be held on behalf of Norðrið in the winter of 2009-2010.

Norðrið was founded at the initiative of Iceland Express, which donates airline tickets to the project. Other partners are Sagenhaftes Island (Fabulous Iceland), a project introducing Iceland as the honorary guest of the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair, the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin, the Reykjavík Marketing Office and the Icelandic Ministries for Foreign Affairs and Education and Culture.

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