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Music from the Moon - North American Premiere @ Doxa Documentary Film Festival 9. May 2010

Music from the Moon
@ Doxa Documentary Film Festival
Sunday 9. May 2010 @ 21:00
Pacific Cinémathèque
1131 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC
Doxa Documentary Film Festival
Music from the Moon

In 2006, international theatre group Hypno Theatre set out on a tour of Iceland and Greenland. Their show, based on stories and songs from around the globe, introduces different cultures to children, emphasizing the importance of their own cultural heritage in the world. Songs and stories from each culture are added with each country the show visits. Music from the Moon documents the group’s journey through Arctic landscapes and their interactions with children and teachers as well as encounters with Icelandic and Greenlandic artists.
Although the goal is entertaining children, the tour becomes much more. In Iceland, they discover a country where there are seemingly no limits to musical creativity. This small country is home to an amazingly large number of internationally renowned artists and what starts as a theatre tour quickly grows into a mutual musical communion. Along with startling scenic images of the Arctic, the film highlights collaborative concerts with musicians from both countries.
The political and social aspects of culture differ greatly between the two countries. In Iceland the group is visiting as part of the project “Music for Everybody,” which gives school kids access to cultural activities as a regular part of curriculum. As a result, Icelandic children regard musical creativity as part of their everyday lives.
In Greenland, the performers come face-to-face with another culture — one that suffers the great loss of the Inuit cultural identity, due to Danish rule. In stark contrast to the lively music scene in Iceland, here it becomes clear how colonialism has distanced the indigenous population from its own culture. However, young Greenlandic musicians are beginning to sing in their own language and rediscover their roots.
The members of Hypno Theatre are originally from India, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Britain and Germany, and bring their own cultural influences to the performances.
Look forward to exceptional concerts and personal moments with Emilíana Torrini, Benni Hemm Hemm, Dagur Kári, members of the band múm and other stars of the Icelandic and Greenlandic musical scenes.
Official Trailer

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