mánudagur, október 04, 2010

He bangs the drums / And again / And again

Five Times Arnar @ Airwaves
In Iceland a lot of musicians are involved in many projects. When there's a festival some of them have to run from one stage to another. Also this year: for example drummer Arnar Þór Gíslason plays the drums with 5 artists @ Iceland Airwaves.
HAM's original drummer Arnar Geir Ómarsson has a medical problem, so he takes the other Arnar's place behind the drums.
He's also banging the drums with:
Rúnar Þórisson, his father in low
Lára Rúnarsdóttir, his wife
He's lucky that his band Dr. Spock is not playing @ Airwaves 2010.
Source: Fréttabladid

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