miðvikudagur, október 06, 2010

Hljóðaklettar @ Havarí on Saturday 9. October

Hljóðaklettar Warm Up
for Iceland Airwaves
@ Havarí Shop
Saturday 9. October @ 16:00
Pétur Eyvindsson
(of DJ Musician, Evil Madness, Vindva Mei)
Graupan & The Crying Cowboy

All those artist will perform at the Iceland Airwaves festival on a special event that is organized by Hljóðaklettar & Electric Ethics on 12. & 13. October.
Hljóðaklettar is a boutique record label founded by Rúnar Magnússon & Sabrina Joy Winogrond for the purposes of releasing rare, limited, and collectible music. Each release will have a run of no more than 300 units and will be hand packaged, numbered, and distributed. Hljóðaklettar focuses on electro acoustic, generative, drone & disco.

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