mánudagur, október 18, 2010

Song of the 186. Week: "Ein stök ást" by Lifun

186. Song of the Weeks is Lifun's song "Ein stök ást" (A single love). Airwaves festival is over by now, unless for the after-after-party people... So I have chosen an easy tune for you.
This song is featured on their Debut Album "Fögur fyrirheit". Lyrics of "Ein stök ást" were written by Baldur Þórir Guðmundsson



Lifun @ MySpace

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Professor Batty sagði...

Good photo of Hellvar:


odi hattarinn sagði...

Hey, it's Lóa from Fm Belfast. I've been sick so I haven't finished your drawing yet. I hope you won't mind waiting for a day or two. :) Árni is also sick. I hope you had a good Airwaves weekend. Take care.

odi hattarinn sagði...

And if you could please send me your email address to fmdoom@gmail.com. I can't find the card you gave me. Lóa

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