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John Lennon Cover Competition @ Rás 2 : Vote Now

Stamp with "Imagine Peace" statue (Light)
on the island Viðey, near Reykjavík

John Lennon Cover Competition 2010
More than 100 songs were send to the John Lennon Cover Competition organized by National Radio Station Rás 2. Now you have the opportunity to vote for one of the 12 selected songs.
Winning cover will be announced in the Radio Show Poppland on Friday 8. October.
12 songs are:
"#9 dream" by Hljómsveitin Swamp
"A day in the Life" by Julia Agnar Eldberg
"Across the universe" by Ummhumm
"Cold turkey" by Álbandið
"I’m losing you" by Robert the roommate
"I’m only sleeping" by Heiða trúbador (aka Heiða í Unun/Heiða í Hellvar)
"I am the walrus" by Margrét Guðrúnardóttir
"Imagine" by Skólahljómsveit Mosfellsbæjar
"Instant karma" by HS & Co
"Surprise Surprise" by Elís & Rafnar
"The Luck Of The Irish" by Hrafnar Pöbbliners
"Woman" by Fúsi Ben og vordísin
Listen to the songs here
Voting is possible @ the bottom of the page: Choose your favorite cover + push "Kjósa"

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