miðvikudagur, október 06, 2010

Iceland, here I come

I'm on my way to Iceland to enjoy 12 days downtown 101 & surroundings.
Iceland Airwaves Festival & more Extravaganza.

Dirty Weekend with Reykjavik! (2007)


This Eberg Video for the song "The right thing to do" (of the Album "Antidote") features the airport, the Flybus & my Hotel Saga.

Mark of the Iceblah Blog will post some interviews of performers @ Airwaves on his Blog until the start of the festival on 13. October.
Read an interview with me there, and many more interviews to come ...

Only 2 New Songs of the Week & 1 new Icelandic Music Alliance Pact (MAP) Song will be posted the next 2 weeks.

> Back with more posts on 20. October <

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