laugardagur, nóvember 10, 2007

Abbababb! Book Presentation @ Mál og Menning 10. November 2007

In 1998 we had the CD Abbababb! by Dr. Gunni and his friends , this year Abbababb! The Musical (and a new Album with a few new songs), and today Abbababb! The Book: Söngleikurinn Abbababb! á bók - Rauða hauskúpan og Hr. Rokk á prent
Abbababb! Book Presentation @ Bookshop Mál og Menning, Laugavegur, Reykjavik @ 14:00.
Booksize: 265 x 200 mm
48 pages
20 Pictures made by Fanney Osk Sizemore

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