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200.000 naglbítar - The Videos

200.000 Naglbítar (Engl. Pincers)
The band 200.000 naglbítar (200.000 Pincers) was formed in Akureyri in 1993. Axel was in a band in school and Villi always tagged along at rehearsals.
When he demonstrated that he could play the solo in Cream’s White Room, he was hired on the spot. Some of the band members didn’t like that and left the band. When only Axel and Villi were left they decided to get Villi’s brother, Kári, to play the bass. They began rehearsing and writing songs.
In 1993 they took part in a band competition in Akureyri and won. At the time the band was called Gleðitríóið Ásar (The Fun Trio Aces). Later they changed the name to Askur Yggdrasils and made an epynomous cassette. The music was crude rock’n roll and the English lyrics were very political.
They were 14 and 15 years old at the time. Then they changed their name to 200.000 naglbítar and took part in the band competition Músíktilraunir (Music Experiments) in 1995. The band wound up in third place and Villi was voted best lead singer. Soon after that they changed their name to Alias Bob because they thought it silly to sing in English and have an Icelandic name. They recorded ten songs in Studio Hljóðlist and as soon as they were done they stopped singing in English and changed their name back to 200.000 naglbítar. These recordings have now been lost.
In 1997 they released the songs Hæð í húsi and Helsærður dordingull on the compilation album Spírur. A year later they released the song Hvítt on the compilation album Kvistir. In 1998 they released their first album Neóndýrin (The Neon Animals). The album got excellent reviews and received six Icelandic Music Awards nominations. In 2000 the band released the album Vögguvísur fyrir skuggaprins (Lullabies for a Shadow Prince). Much of the work was done on computers and there are a lot of sounds that make the album rather special. Villi wrote all the lyrics and they are heavy like the ones on Neóndýrin. Poems for children.
Poems for the Shadow land. People have to listen to the lyrics and decide for themselves what they mean. The lyrics are stories that connect in one way or another and there is a great deal of work put into them. The band played at the Reykjavík Music Festival and at the Airwaves festival in Reykjavík. In 2001, guitar player Róbert Reynisson joined the band. It is safe to say that he has put his mark on the band and brought a new dimension to the music. In 2002, drummer Axel left the band and was replaced by Benni Engill.
In the fall of 2003 they released the album Hjartagull.
The Videos
"Stopp Nr. 7"
Skateboarding downtown Reykjavik

"Brjóum það sem brotnar"

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