föstudagur, nóvember 30, 2007

Making of "Declare Independence" Video by Michel Gondry for Björk

French Academy Award-winning director Michel Gondry continues his rich music video history with Björk, with the Icelandic singer's epic anthem, Declare Independence. Inspired by Björk's electricifying live show, the video was filmed in Long Island City, NY, and features an unusual and elaborate set, not to mention a mid-air suspended bassist in Mark Bell. Björk, meanwhile, sings through a megaphone, transforming her voice into endless flowing colors. "Björk and I's work together is based on trust and friendship," Gondry, who's now directed seven of her videos, explains.
Have an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of 'Declare Independence.' Come back on December 6 for the premiere of the full video, exclusively on Spinner:


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