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Quarashi Video: "An Intimate Portrait"

Quarashi: "An Intimate Portrait"

A hilarious video made by Quarashi for their press kit:
'Quarashi are four skinny white boys, making rap music that could be described as an open love letter to the days of Public Enemy, Run DMC, and the Beastie Boys. An electronic press kit offers an "intimate portrait" of Quarashi and gives foreigners some idea of what life in Iceland is like. Sölvi ("drummer slash producer") would have turned to "snow crimes" long ago, if not for his love of skating - ice skating. Omar, a vocalist who sounds like Chuck D, indicates a small sheep cowering by the window and tells us that it is a "typical Icelandic central heating system". Hössi, Quarashi's on-stage frontman, is fishing. "I love fishing," he enthuses, "and once I found out you could be drunk all day... there was no turning back!" Stoney, another vocalist, sits at his desk, monitoring cleanliness at some mineral springs, addressing bathers through a loudhaler.
"We watched a couple of EPKs from other artists and they were the most boring thing I've ever seen," Hössi explains. "They were just talking about themselves and the songs that they make. We decided to portray a foreigner's ideas of Iceland, which are usually wrong. It's just a big lie but people would come up to me, in America, and say how amazing they thought it was that I was also a fisherman. That's the power of TV, I guess."'

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