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Interview with Danni of Sometime (Two Little Dogs)

Sometime is approximately a year old now, and already they have made splashes with their debut album and energetic and fun live performances. Founded by veterans of the Icelandic music scene, Danni from Maus, Curver from Ghostigital and DJ Dice, formerly of Quarashi, the band just released Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, a complex and well crafted album featuring both danceable hit songs as well as gloomier and more complex soundscapes akin to Björk. The band's energetic frontman coughed up some hair rising answers to the dogs' questions.
TLD: When and how did Sometime come into existence?
Me and DJ Dice were attending a stag party for his brother in October 2005, and there was a drum kit in the garage. A guy at the party asked me to play it and together we went and I played some beats ('cause I don't do drum solos, just to make that absolutely clear). Anyway, in the drunken stupor me and DJ Dice decided to do music together. Unlike most people who form bands when drunk, we actually went ahead and did it a week later.
The first practices were somewhat avant garde, just crazy drumbeats and insane scratching. A little later Curver joined us and took it one step further, expanding our soundscape. In November I decided to talk to this girl whom I'd once known, but hadn't met in some 6 years, I had no idea if she could even sing, I just wanted the coolest chick I knew to sing, and that was
Diva De La Rosa. One reason, or as a matter of fact the main reason she came to the first practice, was that when I first approached her (drunk of course) she saw a bright violet aura around me. She only told me this many months later, said this had something to do with energy inside me...
TLD: The band has undergone some personnel changes recently...
Yes, Curver went back to school, some fancy art school in NYC and lives in Manhattan, and DJ Dice had a baby recently and wants to focus on that. It's all fine and no hard feelings. Their replacements are Oculus and DJ Moonshine who are really good....and cute too.
TLD: You've played outside Iceland as well, where was that and how did it go?
We've played in Prague and Warsaw and it was great to say the least. In Prague everyone danced like crazy and sang along even though most of them were hearing the songs for the first time. It's incredibly fun to play for a new audience, though it's great fun to play in Iceland as well, we just want more and more...
TLD: You're quite known for your work with the indierock band Maus, in what way is this music different from that, and why the change of style?
Maus worked in such a way that each member wrote his part, it seldom happened that someone came with a fully composed song to practice, we just met and jammed and the songs were created with such co-operation. It was a kind of chemistry between us four. If one member had quit the songs would have changed drastically. In Sometime I write all the songs, Diva De La Rosa adds the lyrics and DJ adds some scratching etc.
In Sometime I'm still using the same instruments I used in Maus, except now I skip the drum kit itself and I always used an octopad and electric drums in there as well. I'm taking my drumming a step further 'cause in Sometime I play the music and drum at the same time, all live.

Two Little Dogs http://twolittledogs.co.uk/artist_sometime.html


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