mánudagur, janúar 28, 2008

30. April 2008: Bad Taste 4 ever @ Bozar

Bad Taste 4 Ever is an evening of art of edge cutting, music and literature. Everything is possible during the night as there will be a crossing of cultures, disciplines and people.
Did we forget to put into the first sentence that we all come from Iceland?
Yes we think so. And we did so. We all come from Iceland as if it matters, it does in our case as we speak foreign.We don’t act foreign.
We are at home at Bozar, giving our best, showing our best, and being our worst!
The date is set for this event: 30.04.2008.
Ceci n'est pas un Sigtryggur Baldursson
Siggi Baldursson, of Theyr, KUKL, Sugarcubes, Grindverk, Steintryggur fame, and without doubt Iceland's best drummer.
The last time he performed @ Brussels some people (can't you just do your homework please) didn't recognize him @ Domino Festival @ AB.
Surrealism in Belgium. Vive Magritte !

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