sunnudagur, janúar 27, 2008

Rass Video "Umbodsmadur Althingis"

2.5 years ago I saw Rass Live @ the late Grand Rokk venue. The whole next Sunday enjoying buzzing ears and a sore throat 'cause of screaming along with singer Óttarr Proppé.
I noticed that Friðrik Þór Friðriksson, the director of the famous "Rokk i Reykjavik" documentary and with an Oscar nomination on his CV, was in the audience that night.
Óttarr was the singer of the legendary band HAM (favourite Icelandic band of Björk Gudmundsdottir), and today he is the vocalist of at least 2 other bands, namely Dr. Spock and Rass.
A brand new Video of the band by Snorri Bros about people in the Icelandic Parliament (Althing):
"Umbodsmadur Althingis"

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