mánudagur, janúar 14, 2008

Singapore Sling "Sugar" Live @ Organ (10. January 2008)

Just back from Reykjavik and surroundings, I was so lucky to see the tradionally January Show by Singapore Sling. A few new songs & guitar players and of course some old songs. "Sugar" is a song of the "Life is killing my rock 'n' roll" Album (Stinky Records, 2004). Singapore Sling is sometimes called the Icelandic My Bloody Valentine or the Icelandic answer to The Jesus and Mary Chain. Or just non-typical Icelandic music as somebody stated on his blog.
For those who were not there, or for those who were there (Krummi of Esja/Minus, Curver Thoroddsen, Jan Mayen members, Bardi Johannsson), but especially for Heida Eiriks I shot this one:
"Sugar" Live

Somebody else was shooting videos too, featuring "Sugar" & "Lose your head", but both videos were removed from YouTube today.

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