föstudagur, janúar 04, 2008

Björk loves Vodka

Björk has gone some way to explaining her 'distinctive' singing voice of wailing, quacks and pops by revealing that she drinks a litre bottle of vodka every Friday. It seems that this is an old Icelandic tradition and explains why their football teams are so shit. They probably can't even see the ball at kick off time on Saturday afternoon.
Speaking to Music Week (presumably on a Thursday) Björk came across as reasonable, insightful and utterly deranged, all at the same time."I come from a country where, from the age of 15, you drink a litre of vodka every Friday, straight from the bottle. I watched my grandparents doing that and it's been my pattern, just like it has been my family's release for a thousand years." Which might explain the lack of Icelandic Nobel prize winners or some of the reasons they eat cute little puffins when they get the munchies."Alcohol is how people in Iceland lose themselves, switch their conscience off and run riot. It's the same for me with my music - to me it stands for freedom." It's a miracle there's anything standing in Iceland at all! Could it be possible that when Björk attacked that reporter in an airport it was the day after Thursday and the day before Saturday?
Source: http://www.holymoly.co.uk/news/28/bjork-drinks-a-bottle-of-vodka-every-friday-2138.html

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