mánudagur, janúar 14, 2008

The bands Hellvar & Hraun performed Live @ TV Program "Logi i beini" (Logi Live) - 11. January 2008

The band Hellvar was broadcasted live on the Icelandic TV (Stöd 2). Heida Eirikdsdottir & Co. performed the song "Give me gold" live @ the show of Logi Bergmann called "Logi i beini" (Logi Live).

Before the gig there was another Iceland band Hraun (of BBC fame) and a short interview with Heida Eiriks aka Heida i Unun or of course Heida in Hellvar !!!

Thank you Hellvar for getting me in the live audience!

And thank you Channel 2/Stöd 2 for the Pizza & Beer.

Logi Live
Highly entertaining talk show with one of Icelands most popular TV stars Logi Bergmann Eiðsson. Aired in front of live audience Friday nights on Channel 2.
Logi Live is a Sagafilm production for Channel 2. Aired on Friday nights with live audience in a relaxed atmosphere the host Logi Bergmann Eiðsson offers quality entertainment.
“Logi Live” is Logi’s first talk show and some say it was about time, since Logi has been one of the country’s most popular TV persons for more than a decade. He has been the main news anchor for Channel 2 since 2005 and he is also the creator and host of the popular quiz show “The Master” on Channel 2, a show that will go into its third season in 2008.
Source: www.sagafilm.is

More Hellvar @ http://hellvar.blogspot.com & www.myspace.com/hellvarmusic & http://gotohellvar.blogspot.com (my Hellvar fanpage)
More Unun @ http://this.is/unun
Hraun singer Svavar acoustic @ Airwaves '07 Festival @ Reykjavik Art Museum
"Emotional Anorexic"

More Hraun @ www.myspace.com/hraunhraun
All photographs by Wim Van Hooste.

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