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Rosenberg Basement & Tunglid, famous Concert venues downtown Reykjavik

Back in the old days downtown Reykjavik, before the fire came and/or the sledgehammers ;-)
1993 DJ Dom
Björk together with her boyfriend of that time, Dom T aka DJ Dom Thrupp (from the Bristol scene) in ther year 1993. It is widely believed that Björk's song "Venus as a boy" is written for him.
He was the first DJ to play at the Opening of the Rosenberg Basement.
1996 Björk's Party
Party of Björk Gudmundsdottir @ Rosenberg basement, in her days with boyfriend Jungle King Goldie, 1996. Derek Birkett, the boss of One Little Indian label was in the country as well.
On the picture above you see Björk filming Dr. Gunni (Gunnar Larus Hjalmarsson dancing a darradardans with a drag queen) with a handhold camera.

The 30. July 1998 a big fire wrecked the venue Tunglid (The Moon) & Austurstraeti nummber 22b. And shops took the place the 16. March 2000. Picture provided by Morgunbladid.
Article Kjallarinn Hans Rosenbergs written by Gerdur Kristny, published in Mannlif Magazine 31, August 2003
Pictures by Sigurjon Ragnar & Margrét Hugrun Gustavsdottir

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