mánudagur, september 24, 2007

Eliza "Empire Fall" Release Show in Iceland @ Organ

My favourite song of the moment is by Eliza Newman Geirsdottir (of Skandinavia & Bellatrix fame) "Hjartagull", to be find on her first album "Empire Fall" is out now on Lavaland Records.

See a Live Performance of "Hjartagull" @ Icelandic TV Program "Kastljos" (@ the end of the program: 31:12) the 25th of September 2007.

http://dagskra.ruv.is/streaming/sjonvarpid/?file=4355263 and listen to 30 seconds
Iceland CD Release Party @ Organ (Reykjavik) the 26th of September.
Also a performance of the band Mammút.
Old stuff: "Never too late" Video by Skandinavia

Mammút "Thorkell" Live @ SXSW, USA (2007)(sorry bad sound quality)

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