laugardagur, september 01, 2007

Lazytown vs. Land og synir & Video for "If" by Sagafilm

"Summer", a song by Land og Synir put on Lazytown (Icelandic product !)

Real video
"If" video was directed by Samuel & Gunnar (Sagafilm).
The band Land og Synir, together with crew and directors shot the video in a floating shipyard.
It was night, freezing below minus 10 and snowing. Maybe not just the idea the directors had in mind to start with. But together they made the music video which has been nominated to several prices.

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manueljan sagði...

I like your country, the lenguage, and your music! I want to find a website, i can see the lyrics of all icelandic artist's song.
We have this character too: í,é,ö,ú but it's impossible to type in a lyrisc-sites. I don't know, why..."Von mín er sú" is one of my favorite songs. I want to know more about your music.
Can you help me?
Have a nice day! :)