laugardagur, september 01, 2007

Videos shot in Iceland (Part 5)

Videos shot in Iceland by Icelandic company Sagafilm for some Norwegian artists
"You're the only one" by Maria Mena
Sony Music Norway comes to Iceland to shoot the video for their latest export Maria Mena. Ragnar Agnarsson directed the video that became a hit on MTV around the world.
The video was shot in two days on location around Reykjavik. Maria Mena was driven around lying on her back tied to a car rig during most of the filming! The song and video became a big hit in Norway as well as Iceland, America and the UK, reaching top ten in the US and number one in Norway and Iceland.

Another one
Christina's "Surfing the air" One of many beautiful videos shot in the Icelandic nature, with locations around the beautiful south part of Iceland.
"Surfing the air" is the perfect song to illustrate with breathtaking images from the most popular location on the south coast of Iceland, Dyrhóley. The video captures well the mystical atmosphere around Iceland, shot on a cloudy day the beauty of the sea and the mountains is exeptional. Chiristina and her producer Ronnie from Sony Music promised to be back soon, as a matter of fact Ronnie did come back with Maria Mena the same summer of 2004. Ragnar Agnarsson directed the video while Besti was DOP and Magnús Viðar Sigurðsson produced.

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