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Icelandic Record Labels: Update

Reykjavik Records
Bands like Trabant, Bryndis, Silvia Night and The Transcontinentals.
Believer Music
Einar Bárðarson, born on 18 March 1972, is an Icelandic entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. He is currently the managing director of Believer Music Group in the United Kingdom, and also owns a large part of Concert Ltd, one of Iceland's largest music events and artist management companies. Einar is married to Áslaug Thelma Einarsdóttir, born on 11 August 1975, Director corporate communications Icelandair Group. They have one daughter, Klara Þorbjörg, born on 12 May 2006.
Einar Bardarson, Promoter, manager and producer
Einar is the owner and operator of Concert, the leading concert promotional company in Iceland. Concert is also a music PR company as well as Iceland’s leading management company. It is a home to many of Iceland's leading bands such as Todmobile, Nylon, Skitamorall, Izafold. Also representing solo artist from classical music to pop.
Einar has been working with the worlds leading opera singer, dame Kiri Te Kanawa in 2005. Einar also works for Yoko Ono on various projects that the Yoko has going in Iceland related to the LENNON & YOKO foundation and the Piece Tower that’s being build in Videy this year in cooperation with city of Reykjavik.
In October 2005, Einar was ranked one of three most influential persons in Icelandic music industry by Frettabladid (The Newspaper), Iceland's biggest newspaper, circulation: 73% of the population. The list included bands as Sigur Rós and musicians such as Mugison among others.
Einar was the producer of the Icelandic Music Awards for four consecutive years resigning only to put more time into his own companies. In his last year of service he was awarded a special award from the Icelandic Music Awards board of directors for services rendered to Icelandic Music Industry.
Einar has been a council to the Ministry of Culture on various topics regarding the Icelandic Music industry as well as the City of Reykjavik.
In 2005, Einar started his own record label PlanB. The label has released four albums in its first year and all four albums were among the top sellers in the country that year. One of them was the classical album “Cortes” that became the fastest selling record of all times in Iceland.
This January, Einar led a group of investors to start a record label in Great Britain. The label is called Believer and started business in 2006. First artist to be signed to the label, the girl group Nylon have reached number 1 on the UK dance charts and toured with acts such as Westlife, Girls Alloud and McFly.
Einar has just gotten investors on board finance is next major recording project which is the multy platinum Icelandic tenor Gardar Thor Cortes. The investors as betting I million uk pounds on the project.
Einar has produced and promoted shows and concerts with all the leading Iceland’s talents. His roster of foreign artists include Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Nina Sky, Diana Krall, Deep Purple, Jarvis Cocker, Marianne Faithfull, José Carreras, Sissel Kjirkebo, Shadows, Katie Melua, Katherine Jenkins, Alice Cooper, Wig Wam, Ray Davies and dame Kiri Te Kanawa to name a few.
For the last year Einar has led the panel of judges at Pop Idol in Iceland for Channel 2 and Freemantle Media. Next season he is switching formats with the network and will be heading the X-Factor panel of judges as Pop Idol rests for this season
Einar was asked to produce the Icelandic version of Live 8 and last Christmas he produced the Icelandic version of Band Aid song to be released in December. The record, called Hjalpum Theim, went platinum in only 6 days and raised over 10 million Icelandic krona which was donated to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Pakistan.
For the last 8 years Einar has produced, promoted and managed an annual event for the Support Fund for Children with Cancer in Iceland, raising over 14 million Icelandic krona.
Einar has been awarded numerous awards in the music industry among them many gold and platinum albums. He was awarded a special award from the Icelandic Music awards board of directors. Junior Chambers International awarded Einar with an award that’s called “The outstanding Young People of the world”. This summer Einar was awarded the “Cornerstone of the World” a special award for achievements on global scale. Previously awarded to singer Björk and former President Vigdis Finnbogadottir.
The label Blanott presents bassist Tómas Einarsson, an Icelander that makes „Cuban“ music.
Ambulent Entertainment
Bands signed: Ampop, Hjálmar, Minus and Lay Low

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