sunnudagur, september 02, 2007

Hölt Hora Live @ Iceland Airwaves Festival 2006

Hölt Hora (Limping Hooker) Live Performance @ Gaukurinn, Reykjavik @ Iceland Airwaves Festival 2006
It was difficult to catch Atli the singer of this band from the Westfjords (Isafjördur) on camera.
In 2005 (Hafnarhusid Museum) and 2006 (Gaukur à Stöng - Parrot on a stick aka Gaukurinn) these guys gave one of the best performances I attented @ the Airwaves festival.
In 2005 I got their brand new CD "Love you like you elskar mig" for free from the excellent drummer Valgeir of the band @ the bar of the National Theatre during the last night of the festival. Like a good Belgian I offered him a beer for the CD.
Fleira Hölt Hora ! Viva Isafjördur !
Photographs of this SlideShow by Wim Van Hooste.

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