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KK "Blús"

KK (Kristján Kristjánsson) was born in Minnesota but moved home to Iceland with his family when he was ten years old. KK has composed music both for theater and movies and received awards for both songwriting and musical performance.
KK - Blús
Over the last 15 years KK has been one of Iceland’s most popular musicians. He is a master guitar player with a soft but sometimes husky voice. His roots lie in the blues and rockabilly and this time around he brings us a colourful blues album, the first one to be all sung in Icelandic. However the songs are not new but by master bluesmen like Willie Dixon, Walter Jacobs, Lowell Fulson and many more.
More news @ http://www.kk.is/
Photograph of Kristján Kristjánsson and his sister Ellen Kristjánsdottir, also a singer.

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S.R.Haralds sagði...

Sincerely, S.R.Haralds,Reykjavík 24.12.2011.

S.R.Haralds sagði...

Sincerely, S.R.Haralds, Reykjavík 24.12.2011