mánudagur, september 03, 2007

Reykjavic (sic) - Born of frustration

Some people say there's nothing about the Iceland Airwaves Festival on your blog.
But they allow a bunch of people as "press" who can't even write the name Reykjavik correctly. Who need 4 (four) French journalists to interview 1 (one of a kind) Johann Johannsson. Who just put stereotypes (all the clichés taken from a standard book) on a piece of paper and call themself journalist(s). Belgians who fly with business class tickets paid by a punk inspired company.
So the next weeks until the Airwaves I put some (more) of my Iceland Airwaves material (editions 2005 and 2006) online.

Original Icelandic Music Slave/Slut Wim Van Hooste journalism - only sponsored by hard labour.

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