þriðjudagur, mars 31, 2009

New Dr. Gunni Album "Inniheldur"

Gunnar L. Hjálmarsson better known as Dr. Gunni releases his New Album 3. April.
Maybe there will be Concert @ Sódóma Reykjavík venue 22. April (last winterday). The same day Eberg is playing there too, he's releasing his Album "Antidote" also on the April the 3rd.
Dr. Gunni inniheldur
Erðanúmúsik Label
Prince: 2000 IKR as a CD or 1000 IKR for download
CD comes with a 72 pages booklet.
Only 300 copies will be made of the CD.
Review by Dr. Gunni himself: Þetta er helvíti góð plata, þótt ég segi sjálfur frá.

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Love the prince 2000kr. and I am going to look at your site in the future. I want that album but my Mac does not open your links. I have Ikarus on microphoned electrographic. Guess you got it to!
My hit with Dr.Gunnar is Öxnadalsheiði. Goats like him is only to find in dessert where you stumble on a blossoming flowers when you piss. I take Gunnar and Elvis Hitler when I need the colour off my coffee.