sunnudagur, mars 29, 2009

Trúbatrixur @ Café Rosenberg, Reykjavík 31. March 2009

Trúbatrixur á íslandi
The little offspring of Undercover music lovers movement and was inspired by the Melodica acoustic festival which was held in August last year.
The idea came from watching all the amazing talented women who performed over the weekend and one of them thought, why not create a network of women in music and arts and have concerts and venues and art and what not?
Program 31. March @ Café Rosenberg @ Klapparstígur
8:00 Opnunar atriðið 3 raddir
8:20 Frumpets
8:45 Miss daisy
9:10 Elín Ey
9:35 Pascal Pinon
10:00 Girl in a dark room
10:25 Uni
10:50 Elíza
11:10 Jara
11:30 Áslaug Helga
And it's for Free!

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