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The Sounds in My Head - Extra Long Icelandic Music Podcast (27. March 2006)

The Sounds in My Head - An All Icelandic Music Episode
First up, straight out of Reykjavik in the 1960's the band Flowers did "Glugginn" (in English, that's "The Window") from a CD called "Undarlegt Með Unga Menn".
Next Iceland's answer to Daft Punk, Apparat Organ Quartet doing "Global Capital" from their selt-titled 2003 debut album.
Then Rúnk did "Wall Street" from their 2003 album "Ghengi Dahls".
Next was the pairing of Magga Stína and Valgeir Guðjóns for the song "Aðeins Eina Nótt" (in English "Only One Night") from a compilation album from 1997 called "Megasarlög" (Songs of Megas).
Then you couldn't have an all Icelandic music episode of TSiMH without playing Björk, so we heard "Amphibian (The Film Mix)" from the excelent soundtrack to Being John Malkovich.
And finally, we finished this episode with another song from the 60's, this one sounds almost indistinguishable from Combustible Edison, but is 100% Icelandic. It's by Ellý Vilhjálms and it's called "Sveitin Milli Sanda" and it can be found on a two disc "best of" collection spanning 35 years called "Allt Mitt Líf: Úrval Dœgursöngva Frá Árunum '60-'95" which came out in 2004.
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