sunnudagur, mars 15, 2009

Sýna og Sjá @ Nýlo Museum: Dr. Gunni on Icelandic TV about Icelandic music

The first chapter of the Sýna og Sjá Exhibitions @ Nýlistasafnsins (Living Art Museum), Reykjavík was made with stuff of Dr. Gunni. The Second one was with Maggi Strump stuff (12. March).Bag of Joys, FIRE hópurinn, Andhéri, Arnar Eggert & much more to come.
Here is a video featuring Dr. Gunni @ Home (125 MB) (Káta Maskína) @ about 8 minutes far - for about 10 minutes. Sort of MTV Cribbs (behind his computer/in the sofa).
Thanks to Maggi Strump for uploading this Video.

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