mánudagur, mars 23, 2009

Three Sudden Weather Change Songs on MySpace

Three songs of the forthcoming Debut Album "Stop! Handgrenade In The Name of Crib Death 'nderstand?" of Sudden Weather Change on the band's MySpace:
"Kajaks", "Matrix" & "St Peters Day"
The album was mostly recorded @ Tranir @ Borgarfjörður, a summer cottage, and then mastered @ Goodbeating Studios in London. It contains 13 loud rock songs about love, hate, Kurt Vonnegut, Dolphins, ampegs, The Beatles and Nicholas Cage. It will be released on LP and CD. Released soon (April 2009).
Album Tracklist
1. Kilgore Trout III
2. 1.6 Facilitate Access
3. Beatlemania
4. St. Peters Day
5. Matrix
6. Blacklung
7. Prey Mode
8. Ampeg!
9. Kajaks
10. Vagina Bleeding
11. Team Explosion Dolphin
12. Metaknight
13. She Was a Cheerleader
Photograph of Sudden Weather Change @ Gaukurinn venue by Wim Van Hooste (October 2007).

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