sunnudagur, desember 20, 2009

Hafdís Huld "Synchronised Swimmers" Special Limited Edition

More special limited editions news. It must be Christmas time...
The second Hafdís Huld album "Synchronised Swimmers" is now available as a Special Limited Edition! Previously it was only available in Iceland, but so many people have been asking her where else they could get it that she has decided to make it available directly to members of her mailing list.
There are only limited number of copies available and Hafdís has signed and numbered each one individually so that you know it's the real thing. The only place that you can get it @ the moment is from one of her gigs or from her management company's website Redgrape Record Shop.
Grab her album here.
It's one of my favorite Icelandic albums of 2009. More about my Icelandic TOP 10 Albums of 2009 soon.
The Title Track live @ Nordic House, Off-Venue @ Iceland Airwaves '09 Festival

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