laugardagur, desember 19, 2009

"Lover in the Dark" by Berndsen is in the Shops now!

"Lover in the Dark", the new Album of Berndsen is available now. Davíð Berndsen makes music inspired by the 80s (e.g. O.M.D., Ultravox, Pet Shop Boys). He got some help of Icelandic artist Hermigervill. Album is released on Borgin Label.
"Supertime" Live @ Airwaves 2009

Controversial Video for the song, reminds me of "Motorcrash" by The Sugarcubes

Einar Örn as a copper on a Harley motorbike, Magga on a bike, Björk with a clock around her neck & driving wild around Höfdi House, ...
Berndsen @ MySpace
Hermigervill @ MySpace

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