sunnudagur, desember 13, 2009

Review of this blog

Me, Myself and I
I found a review of my blog on this page about Iceland:
I Love Icelandic Music
Icelandic Music Blog
This website is a blog by an Icelander who seeks out local bands, post photos and videos on them. This website is a good showing of Icelandic music because its a site that places a finger on the pulse of the young music scene of Iceland. The music on the site is mostly pop and rock inspired. It shows a definite influence from American and Canadian music on Iceland's own. This influence seems likely given the close proximity to the North American continent.
Although I'm not an Icelander, probably (or pretending to be) the most Icelandic Belgian...

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missbunny sagði...

Thanks for the link you added to my blog. I don't know if you came into Paris to attend the cinema of Sigur ros 's night last November, but I put on my blog a video about it :
It's both in French and English. I'll soon set online the interview of Dean DeBlois, the director of Heima.

Professor Batty sagði...

You're the greatest Wim!

Mardy Wright sagði...

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Cynthia sagði...

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