sunnudagur, desember 27, 2009

Some Kópavogur Punk Legends in an Exhibition

CRASS in Iceland
Teenager Björk
Rokk í Reykjavík - An axe
See this axe in use:
Sjálfsfróun (Masturbation), teenage punks, notorious for their glue sniffing

Purrkur Pillnikk
For those who didn't go the Punk Exhibition @ Kópavogur (closed now).
Here's an impression:
The rehearsal spots on a 3D map
The flyer/booklet

The History of the punk scene in Kópavogur

Watch a video of Fræbbblarnir @ the museum

I went to see last October with Heiða Eiríks & Elvar of the band Hellvar.
You got the possibility to get dressed like a punk, not a big difference for Heiða anyway
Heiða Hanging on the telephone...
Elvar going underground
"Be courageous if you use the underground passage,
the youngsters don't bite"

(this passage was the favorite hangout place of the punk scene years ago)
Thx to my drivers Heiða & Elvar

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