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TOP 10 Icelandic Albums of 2009

My TOP 10 Icelandic Albums 2009
Bestu 10 íslensku plötur ársins
1. Sudden Weather ChangeStop! Handgrenade In The Name Of Crib Death ´nderstand?”: Not the best album cover, not the best album title, but just the best album of 2009. Energetic & raw rock, not for pussies.
2. MorðingjarnirFlóttinn mikli”: A grown-up punkrock album.
3. Lady & Bird La Ballade of Lady & Bird - A Project by Keren Ann Zeidel & Barði Jóhannsson”: Best French/Icelandic collaboration ever, a nice collection of live recordings.
4. Hafdis HuldSynchronised Swimmers”: Sweet pop music by a sweet lover.
5. EbergAntidote”: Einar Tönberg is back with more twinkling tunes.
6. BlóðFólkið heimtar Blóð”: Includes best song lyrics of 2009 (“Icesave”).
7. KimonoEasy music for difficult people”: Indie music like it’s meant to be.
8. DYSAndspyrna”: Best “kreppa” album – 2 for the price of 1 – with apocalyptic & visionary lyrics about the crisis.
9. Dr. Gunni Inniheldur”: As prescribed by the doctor.
10. Singapore Sling Perversity, Desperation and Death”: For people who like black.
BloodgroupDry land
SykurFrábært eða frábært
Worm is greenGlow
Stereo HypnosisHypnogogia
Looking forward in 2010 for Ólafur Arnalds’ collaboration with Barði Jóhannsson as producer, new Seabear, the Captain Fufanu debut album, second Hellvar album?, second Dýrdin album?
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