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Björk & Sigur Rós in Eco-Concert 28. June @ Reykjavík - Sigur Rós Release Concert @ Wesminister Methodist Central Hall 24. June

Björk & Sigur Rós will be holding a large outdoor concert together in Reykjavík on 28. June. The concert will be held to raise awareness for environmental issues in iceland.
In an interview in Morgunblaðið Newspaper, Björk criticizes the increasing heavy industry in Iceland, particularly the highly pollutant aluminum smelters being built left and right.
“Sigur Rós and I are neither environmental experts nor politicians, but we travel around the world a lot and we have seen how far behind Iceland is in conserving our environment. For example, I was in South America for two months and you could see all these impoverished people recycling. We can’t be 30 years behind; we need to be in the forefront.”
Sigur Rós and Björk will also be teaming up to create a website with input from experts on the Icelandic environment, focusing on alternatives to heavy industry for the Icelandic economy.
Joining them on stage will be Ólöf Arnalds as well as foreign guests to be announced later. The precise location of the concert will be announced at a later date.

Earlier Concert @ London
Sigur Rós
have announced a new show in London on the 24. June to celebrate the release of their latest album, með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, in the Westminister Methodist Central Hall.
"Hidden Place"

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