mánudagur, júní 23, 2008

Song of the 66. Week is "Loftborg" by Heiða

"Loftborg", the 6th Song on Heiða Eiríks' Solo Album "Svarið" (The Answer) released on Japis Label (2000), is the 66. Song of the Week. Heiða is best known as "Heiða i Unun". The band Unun she formed together with Dr. Gunni and Thor Eldon (of Sugarcubes fame and ex-husband of Björk).
But these days Heiða is in the band Hellvar, together with Elvar, Alexandra and Sverrir.
Last year Hellvar released an Album on the Kimi Records Label, their debut is called "Bat out of Hellvar". This was the first Album that got released on the Akureyri based label Kimi !

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