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Mugison on the cover of Belgian RifRaf Magazine - Interview

Interview with Mugison in RifRaf Magazine # 196, June 2008
Jeroen Revalk (Exit Alternative Plus) - Edited by Joachim Van Waes
Mugison about Icelandic Music in this Interview
RifRaf: Icelandic music always had something special. How do you look at the Icelandic music scene?
Mugison: Outsiders (non-Icelanders) have a unique view on Icelandic music. And that is not particular about the music itself. Icelandic music has a sort of unvisible label / mark, and that is according to me a privelege. Of course a big contribution in this is coming from Björk, as well as Sigur Rós. They have created the image that people have if they think about Icelandic music. Personally I don't feel so much connected with the Icelandic music scene.
RifRaf: Are you not interested anymore in Icelandic music output?
Mugison: Oh yes, I still have my own festival in Iceland. I listen to all the demos of the artists who want to play at the festival, so I know what lives in my homeland. At the moment there's a big hardcore scene. Not brilliant, but interesting. The problem with this kind of music is that all the songs sound the same. Maybe I have to solve that problem. (laughs) In contrary, electronic music field brings less good stuff. And of course you have the singer-songwriters, with a few great talents. The problem I see with young bands is that they are not prepared to die for their music. Most bands have fun, and that is OK. I wish that one or two bands would have the spirit to sacrifice everything to succeed in music business. Youngsters probably need an example, a deliverer. It's waiting for the one on the white horse.
RifRaf: Maybe you're the deliverer?
Mugison: Absolutely not.

Review of Mugiboogie Album by Joachim Van Waes
The Rock 'n Roll Egg of Mugison
Fans of Queens of the Stone Age probably like the song "Jesus is a good name to moan".
A difficult delivery, but an excellent album!

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