þriðjudagur, júní 24, 2008

Náttúra: Björk - Sigur Rós - Ghostigital & Finnbogi Pétursson - Ólöf Arnalds in Concert 28. June 2008

Björk & Sigur Rós
Ghostigital & Finnbogi Pétursson
Ólöf Arnalds
28. júní 2008


Þvottalaugabrekkan í Laugardal - Reykjavik
Opening @ 17:00
Start @ 19:00

Free Nature Awareness Concert

There will be a specal isssue of Grapevine Magazine with Björk on the cover and focussing on Icelandic nature
Look at the Concert online @ http://www.mbl.is/

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Mikado Revolt sagði...

Hey, im a hungarian expat and i dunno where is this place. /Þvottalaugabrekkan í Laugardal/ Could you help me? How can I get there? [I live in 101 Reykjavík]

Wim Van Hooste sagði...

Hi Mikado,
the gig is @ a spot nearby the Botanical Garden of Reykjavik, Laugardalur Valley. It is nearby the Reykjavik Zoo, the Icelandair Hotel Nordica (Sudurlandsbraut), the swimming pool & WorldClass Center, Laugardalshöll.
Or just follow the crowd. A lot of people will probably attend the free concert !
Enjoy !

Mikado Revolt sagði...

Thanks for the info and also for this blog.

Well, I dont really wanna follow the crowd because I'd like to be in the first row. :)