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Kira Kira Released New Album "Our Map to the Monster Olympics"

The second album by Icelandic musician Kira Kira (Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir), "Our Map to the Monster Olympics", was released this week. Record label Smekkleysa describes the album as versatile, sometimes scary but mostly magnificent and breathtaking.
Kira Kira uses many different and some unorthodox instruments like trumpets, guitars, a casio keyboard, glockenspiel, music box in mixture with various other curious sounds.
Many other musicians lend Kira Kira a hand on her latest album, including Finnish drummer Samuli Kosminen, who has played with Icelandic band múm for years.
Kira Kira will tour the Nordic countries to promote her album in August and play in China and Japan in October.
Kira Kira’s first album "Skotta" was released in 2006, which is quite different from Our Map to the Monster Olympics. She used to be a member of the band Spúnk, which released a vinyl record in cooperation with múm in 1997.

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