mánudagur, júní 23, 2008

Icelandic Music Tattoos

Last night I got an idea for a post for today. Inspired by Einar Örn and Björk, the 2 tattood Sugarcubes, as well as this page of Sigur Rós about fans with band related tattoos: www.sigur-ros.co.uk/images/tattoos:

EÖB getting his tattoo on his arm in the United States
Björk's famous arm tattoo, her friend Didda has exactly the same.
She has another very small one behind her right ear:

Probably Iceland's most tattood musician is Krummi of the band Minus
Fans with Björk related tattoos:
A duck
Bachelorette lyrics in a back
Her left arm
More Björk (but looks like she's throwing up bjooaark )

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Lolita sagði...

I love de sigur ros tattoo ^^