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69. Song of the Week: Steed Lord's "Bucket of Blood"

The Song of the Week is by Steed Lord: "Bucket of Blood". This songs features Krummi (of Minus and Esja fame) the brother of singer Svala, on vocals - children of famous singer Bó Halldórsson.
Steed Lord will be back on stage 19. July @ Q-Bar, after a
Serious Traffic Accident on Highway to Keflavík Airport:
Six were injured, three seriously, in a traffic accident on Reykjanesbraut, the road from Reykjavík to Keflavík International Airport, yesterday. Two cars collided where the road is narrow because of construction. Conditions were slippery.
One of the cars, with five passengers, including the band members of
Steed Lord, drove into the side of another car which had suddenly turned. Sudurnes police believe the driver, who was alone in the car, lost control of his vehicle because of the icy conditions, Fréttabladid reports.
Svala Björgvinsdóttir and Einar Egilsson of Steed Lord and the driver of the other car were all taken to the intensive care unit. Björgvinsdóttir has a bruised liver and cracked ribs. Egilsson suffered internal bleeding.

“They are being cared for by great professionals,” said singer Björgvin Halldórsson, Björgvinsdóttir’s father. He told DV, that the entire band is recovering.
Steed Lord had been on their way to Keflavík Airport to perform in concerts abroad.
Halldórsson criticizes the Public Roads Administration and the Ministry of Transport harshly for not having found someone to improve the road conditions on Reykjanesbraut since the contractor in charge of it went bankrupt in December. Fifteen people have been injured there in four months.
“It went better this time than we dared hope at first, but the men who are responsible will not get away with this,” Halldórsson told
Fréttabladid. “The situation has been like this the entire winter […] and one accident has followed the other.”
“I don’t know what has to be done but it has to happen quickly. I have often driven on this road myself and sometimes I don’t know if I’m driving in the lava fields or on the actual road,” Halldórsson concluded.
After yesterday’s accident the Public Roads Administration announced that it would increase signs and separate lanes going in different directions.

Source: Iceland Review www.icelandreview.com Photographs of their MySpace page www.myspace.com/steedlord
They even made a Hospital Mix of the Song "Peep This".
Feel The Heat USA Tour of Steed Lord in July & August

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