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Review of Bang Gang's "Ghosts from the Past" by Dirk Steenhaut (De Morgen)

Here's an English translation/abstract I made of the Album Review of the 3rd Bang Gang Album "Ghosts from the Past" published in the Belgian Newspaper De Morgen
By Dirk Steenhaut (a Belgian specialist in Icelandic music)
Bang Gang is the pop project of Barði Jóhannsson, the Icelandic answer to Phil Spector and Brian Wilson. This comparison is not because of his style, but because of his method of working: he's eating in the studio, plays every instrument himself, he is songwriter and producer at the same time, and he's in love with the sound of the sixties.
And he is also involved in writing soundtracks for movies, he makes controversial videos and items for absurd TV shows.
On the 2 previous albums "You" and "Something Wrong", he was the musical director and worked with many guest vocalists. On this album "Ghosts from the Past" he is singing most of leading vocals himself. The songs are more personal, about a broken relationship.
"Black Parade" and "I know" are the most radiofriendly songs. But most of the other songs as well stick to your brain if you listen a few times.
The song "You Won't Get Me Out" is a nice Sigur Rós like song.
Only one remark: the lyrics are too complaining, with key word "over and out".
Label: Discograph

Bang Gang is coming to Belgium !: 22. August 2008 on stage @ Brussels Summer Festival

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