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"Speed is the Key": Half Speed Direct Metal Mastering of The Sugarcubes & Björk

Vinyl is hot
One Little Indian is putting The Sugarcubes & Björk on Vinyl again. But this time by DMM Copper Mastering "the groove is cut directly in copper metal, so the transient response is greatly improved". DMM gives a better detail resolution combined with a lower noise ratio.
On the 30. June 2008, One Little Indian reissued
Björk's back catalog (except her "Real" Icelandic Debut) :
Gling-Glo (with Tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar)
Greatest Hits
Drawing Restraint 9 and
Also most of The Sugarcubes stuff:
Life's Too Good
Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!
Stick Around for Joy
It's-It and
The Great Crossover Potential
And there's more all of The Sugarcubes Singles from October 1986 through October 1989 have been gathered into box sets: a box with eight 7"s and a box six CDs.
I own the orginal stuff, and there is (was) also a box with 11 12". So maybe there's more to come ... Soon @ your record store, if one is left in your neighbourhood!
And leave us with the question: Will the Icelandic debut ever be reissued? Ebay is full of Björk's Childhood Debut bootlegs. The original vinyl copy or cassette copy costs a fortune.
My favorite track by The Sugarcubes "Deus"

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