sunnudagur, júlí 27, 2008

Hjaltalín New Video for acoustic "Traffic music"

Just back home from Scotland.
I found there apart from the kilts, castles, Nessie, lochs, some 2nd hand Icelandic music @ shops in Sterling & Edinburgh: Bellatrix 7" "Sweet Surrender" on Fierce Panda Label (2000), 7" Jakobinarina "His Lyrics are disastrous" (Rough Trade, 2006), debut CD single "Breathe" of the band Leaves (7176 Records, 2001), Leaves Promo Single "Good Enough" (Island Records, 2005), a Free Compact Disc of The Guardian featuring Björk's "Army of me" (ABA All-Stars Mix by Björk Gudmundsdöttir (sic) / Massey) and 12" "Birthday" by The Sugarcubes.
No more bagpipe music from now on, here's the new Hjaltalín's video for the song "Traffic music" .

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