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Leoncie Makes Own Dirty Videos

Leoncie, Iceland’s Madonna
In New York Magazine @
Icelandic artist Leoncie has drawn comparisons to Madonna for her overt sexuality, fast-changing hairstyles, and prolific music-video output. She writes and performs all her own music and directs the rather cheesy videos, too—courting controversy with some of them (they were pulled from YouTube) because she showed her boobs. We particularly recommend the surreal “Invisible Girl” in which she flies on a magic carpet, and “Sex Crazy Cop” with the catchy refrain: “Ooooh, cheap sex”.
YouTube Channel:
Leoncie's Original music is a lovely range of aggressive and yet sensual melodies that touch your soul. Her music is a stunning blend of Rock, blues, Jazz,and powerpop fusion, together with fabulous sounds from all over the world, like India, Europe, Portugal, America, Western Country, which creates an enormous musical package.
She has a Pulse in her voice and Leoncie dares to be different, which is what makes her unique and her Live performances are so entertaining that you would want to see her perform again and again.
"Music is Leoncie's first love, it's in her blood, she says it's Eternal, because music has the power of bringing her heaven down to earth. Leoncie is a fantastic artiste and a very spiritual person. She says that all her inspiration comes from God.
Her songs are Uplifting.
She sings soul touching ballads which give you goose-bumps,and enjoyable country rock-pop guaranteed to make you swing and rock with her rich and soulful smoking hot voice. A very Versatile artiste.
A brilliant Singer who has studied classical music from the Trinity College Of Music London,and Jazz music from the very best, Leoncie has a Very Strong Musical Background and comes from a family of superb Jazz musicians.
An Awesome Jazz Singer, it's amazing how she changes her singing styles to suit any genre of music. A genuine music wizard, she has a Stunningly powerful voice,which she uses like a magical instrument.
Have you heard her SEX CRAZY COP?
which she sings with that Cool Sexy Hot Voice.....
Spectacular Leoncie is the Instrumentalist of all her songs. She spends hundreds of hours perfecting her music,u ntil every song has been thoroughly improved and polished repeatedly before recording her songs in professional recording studios, anywhere in the world, and after she has arranged every minute detail, to perfection, Leoncie produces and performs all her music, in the recording studio with such artistic, impressive ease that she finishes recording 2 songs within 3 hours, like the professional she is.
It's Stunning that this solo artist can create and produce so much by herself. Leoncie says "Noone ever put anything on a Plate and gave it to me - My success is solely due to the fact that I've worked extremely hard, and professionally at everything I do, despite envy, racism and hypocrasy from sinners.
In Music, I have encountered many angels and some devils.
"When No Door Of Opportunity Appears, Break through the wall and Open One".
That's Leoncie who has a great Persona.
"Genius Thrives On Rejection".
She is a wonderful cook with a Stunning Smile and has the power to entertain crowds without any lame props.
Totally committed to her music,Leoncie has had immense success with her Title Song in the czech thriller Film "Kamarad Do Deste "A FRIEND FOR RAINY WEATHER 2"
Exciting Film, exciting story,which followed a terrific upbeat Dance Pop Cd titled "STORY FROM BROOKLYN"
She is currently working on more film music.
Leoncie enjoys working with Professional, sound engineers who know their job.
Leoncie's music is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world in many languages. English, Hindi, Konkani, Danish, Arabic, Icelandic, Portuguese, etc.
Her songs are played on Radio and TV Stations worldwide, because it's uplifting music and lyrics that people relate to and She is really 'That Damn Good',gifted with the art of telling "great stories" in her songs.
Leoncie creates new forms of music,so it is always fresh and exciting.
"It's almost impossible for Good voices to be heard above the noise these days,it's about WHO shouts loudest, Who has the best gimmick" and who has "contacts".
On Stage Leoncie is Sheer Dynamite.
Get into a fun mood with Leoncie and her Fresh music and fantastic music videos @ YouTube.

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