föstudagur, júlí 18, 2008

70. Song of the Week by Úlpa - Holidays in Europe

I'm a bit early with the next Song of the Week. Enjoy for a long week an old song by Úlpa: "Dinzl" .
Úlpa @ www.ulpa.is & www.myspace.com/ulpa
It's because I am going on a Holiday to Scotland & the Scottish Highlands for 8 days.
Back with more posts 28. July.
Take care.

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Matthias Arni Ingimarsson sagði...

wow its been a long time since I heard that song

To bad I could not get Aron the bass player for that photo shoot , but guess 3/4 is better then nothing

have fun on the trip

Stina sagði...


check out Nista. www.myspace.com/nistamus

half-icelandic group, living in montreal.


great blog!