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2 Day Acoustic "Melodica" Festival @ Reykjavik 30-31. August

The Icelandic branch of Undercover Music Lovers, an international network of musicians and music lovers, is to host a two day acoustic festival at the newly opened Café Rosenberg in Klapparstígur, Reykjavik. The event, named Melodica, will feature 18 acoustic acts - 5 international and 13 Icelandic – who will play from 4pm-11pm on Saturday 30. and Sunday 31. August, followed by a jam into the night by the troubadours and other artists.
The Melodica festival has been held in Sydney, Melbourne and Hamburg to date. The Undercover Music Lovers organisation is a sister organisation of the International Troubadour Conspiracy, a network of singer/songwriters that help each other out with touring, accommodation, booking and promoting. Recently the International Troubadour Conspiracy hosted the Troubadour Olympics, as four international troubadours toured Iceland, Germany and Holland.
The bunch on tour around Iceland on YouTube
# 11: To Akureyri (North-Iceland)

10 More Movies @ Owls of the Swamp YouTube channel
Acts scheduled to perform are:
Torben Stock (GER)
Owls of the Swamp (AUS)
Kid Decker (UK)
Michael Pollock / Siggi Sig (ISL/USA)
Piknik (Steini Hjálmur / Sigga Eyþórs) (ISL)
Heiða Dóra (ISL)
Helgi Valur (ISL)
Mysterious Marta (ISL)
Svavar Knútur (ISL)
Gunna Lára (ISL)
Binni P (ISL)
Stefán Örn (ISL)
Marlon Pollock / Bítur (ISL)
Jude (UK)
Eskimono (UK)
Siggi Palli (ISL)
Myrra Rós (ISL)
Bergþór Smári (ISL)

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