mánudagur, ágúst 11, 2008

Mammút's Second Album "Karkari" Release on Record Records Label 27. August

Mammút is alive
Reykjavík’s Mammút consist of three girls and two boys aged eighteen to twenty. In 2004, three months after forming, Mammút won the annual battle of the bands (Músiktilraunir) competition in Iceland, a well known springboard for promosing bands and artists in Iceland. Since then, the band's music has developed into something quite unique; distinctive vocals and angular guitars held together by brilliant melodic bass and innovative drums. Mammút's eponymous debut album was released in Iceland in spring 2006 on Smekkleysa (Bad Taste), the label founded by The Sugarcubes and one-time home to Björk and Sigur Rós, to critical acclaim and an Icelandic alternative radio Number One with the single "Þorkell". Their second album, "Karkari", is a more powerful and mature affair - more kick ass you might say. It includes 11 brand new songs and is released with 5 different covers in Iceland. The album was engineered, mixed and produced by Axel ‘Flex’ Árnason at Geimsteinn studio and the first single, "Svefnsýkt" has received great attention on Icelandic radio stations, reaching number 1 on X-977 for three weeks and staying on the top ten for a few more weeks after that. It can only be a matter of time before Mammút have the rest of the world laying at their precocious feet…

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